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Welcome to our Website!
What do we do ?
We offer a wide range of services and solutions for today's global world in the following areas:
PCs/IT: Networking, ITC training, IT consultancy, hardware & software solutions
Data/Design: Data analyses, project consultancy, product development studies, electronic design, market research
Translations: Language translation (English, German, Dutch, etc.), technical, legal, business documents
Our Clients: SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) in the automotive, IT, manufacturing, software development sectors, educational institutions, blue-chips, individuals
Who are we ?
A group of highly-specialised people with a wide variety of skills. Primarily based in the UK, it is through the experience of each member in having lived and worked in various parts of the world that we can offer efficient solutions to your global needs. Key skills:
Command of several global languages, experience with global cultures
IT solution delivery, project management, global markets
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